Today’s community banks and credit unions are in a digital war for their customers

Community banks are no longer protected by community boundaries. Physical distance limitations to prospecting have been eliminated by the immediate ability to engage socially with your customers. "Relationships" and "service" are being replaced by value added messaging that demonstrates your expertise, and deep understanding: what a target customer needs.


Many have already submitted defeat

As social engagement has increased the banking industry has seen consolidation. Many seem either too far behind or unwilling to fight for survival. For too long, these institutions remained convinced that their business model had not changed, that their customers were different, and that service would set them apart. What we have seen in these cases is shrinking deposits, shrinking loan volume, shrinking profits, and a bloated physical infrastructure that still must be maintained.


You're already feeling the affects

You know that you need to change. You know you need a strategy to scale that doesn't involve adding headcount or building new physical locations. You've seen competitors take customers that you had "deep relationships" with and had provided "impeccable service" to for years. If you've studied what happened, you know that your competition somehow knows your customer better than you did.


Your Uncertainty can end today

We build KYC social engagement strategies and risk management programs for banks and credit unions that are focused on business banking. If you are a business banking focused institution, you may be a fit for our KYC system.


We specialize in developing and deploying a scalable KYC social engagement and risk mitigation strategy that finally gets sales, marketing and compliance working from the same playbook. With our system, you can expect to target who you serve best profitably, without consideration of geographic boundaries. You can expect deep customer engagement that builds trust and earns you a larger share of the wallet.


To see if you might be a fit for our system, we recommend a 30-minute exploratory call to evaluate your specializations and commitment to scaling a KYC system. As a pre-qualification, we serve the following community banks and credit unions best:

  • Assets between $500 Million and $5 Billion
  • CEO and one other member of the executive management team must participate in the call
  • Business banking must be a strategic focus for your institution

To be best prepared for our call, we will email you a questionnaire to be completed prior to our conversation.


To apply for our KYC Social Engagement and Risk Mitigation Strategy System, sign-up below. 



KYC Strategy Exploratory Call