Are You Hiding Behind your Title as a Consultant?

April 6, 2017 // Bethany Kuhn

don't hide behind your titleThere are many consultants out there, or rather, entrepreneurs. Oftentimes, people describe themselves by one title or the other saying, “Yeah, I’m an entrepreneur” or “I’m a freelancer.” But those words mean different things to different people. Some people might say they’re a freelancer, and they love the way it sounds, because it has a bit of mystery around it… (more…)

The Hustle: Why Are Income Goals Important?

March 30, 2017 // Carey Rome
why income goals are important

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A guy starts a business. He has finally become an entrepreneur. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground running, he wonders, “What’s next?” He’s thinking dollar signs that’s for sure, but does he know what to expect or what he wants those dollar signs to look like in the future? What kind of income will he have? What kind of income growth does he project? Is there a specific goal in mind? These income goals are important to have.

Income goals are important for several reasons. I am a firm believer, that you must have a goal, especially as an independent consultant. (more…)

Why the Scale is Important: Looking at Your Billable Hours

March 23, 2017 // Carey Rome

In this blog, let’s decipher the significance of scale. Scale is important for a couple of reasons: If you are ever going to make more money than you can actually work on your own (billable hours), you have to find an opportunity to scale. For every consultant, no matter how special your expertise, there becomes […]


There Is a Formula: Consultants Cooking with Consistency

March 16, 2017 // Carey Rome

I’m from Louisiana, and I can tell you that, whether you are cooking a gumbo, or a jambalaya, or you’re boiling crawfish, you need to have a recipe that you follow.