The Perfect Balance: Smart Execution and Speed to Market


Albert Braunfisch is a serious businessman. With a long history of building, managing and selling high-growth companies, Albert is the current chairman and most recently served as chief executive officer (CEO) of MSpark.

Albert’s strategy for MSpark, is multifaceted and involves many moving parts. As a seasoned leader, he understands the deliberateness and discipline it takes to execute a strategic plan.


As with most strategies, finding the right balance between speed-to-market and deliberate execution is critical to success. Albert felt his team had too many things in-flight to execute them all well. Further, projects tended to become blended together, making it difficult to define success.

While these challenges are not unique to MSpark, Albert knew he needed help thinking through and implementing his strategy.

“We were looking for an organization that could help us think more clearly and concisely about how we were executing our plan,” stated Albert.


Albert engaged Cypress Resources to help him step back and truly consider the path MSpark was taking to achieve its goals. Cypress Resources implemented a disciplined process for scoping, prioritizing and measuring the steps required for success.

“Cypress helped us think more clearly and more concisely about strategy and the building blocks required for success.”

By implementing a consistent and systematic process to execute the plan, Cypress Resources was able to narrow the team’s focus, which led to executing within acceptable timelines.


Complex strategic initiatives were executed in a more deliberate and systematic manner.

Albert commented, “Carey helped distill the whole mess of running a business into cohesive components, identifying the touchstones along the path. The firm helped with leading my team through the tasks that needed to be accomplished, communicating concisely and effectively to the organization.”

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