Carey L. Rome, founder and CEO of Cypress Resources, serves as an advisor to executives and a management consultant on strategic initiatives, and speaks frequently on the topic of leadership. He offers more than 20 years of experience in working with senior leaders across industries.

Carey’s passion for helping executives lead through transformational change, drove him to develop the systematic approach he calls the 3% Leader™. Carey speaks to corporations, trade groups and associations offering a pragmatic, straight-forward approach to complex challenges.

Carey’s Most Popular Speaking Topics Include:

  • Find your strengths, balance your weaknesses
  • Be comfortable standing alone – Three key words that will change your outlook
  • Values are like the left passing lane: Everyone uses them, but for the wrong reasons
  • Transforming boundaries from restricting to liberating
  • Overcoming fear to eliminate indecision and stagnation
  • The “How Tos” of creating a vision
  • The world moves too fast for anything beyond a 12-month strategy
  • Unlocking the process of creating and achieving goals
  • From unachievable to actionable: Break it down for your team
  • Building the right team to achieve your vision
  • 30 minute reporting — Measuring what matters

Carey has written an informative and powerful e-book on leadership and shares his views regularly on this website and blog.

Download Carey’s new e-book: “3% Leader™: The Proven System for Top Tier Performance

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