Every business MUST scale to profitably grow. Historically, organizations have hired business development professionals to open the doors for their subject matter experts. This model of business development is dying. For too long, experts have not been concerned with business development..."that's a sales thing." Well, the game has changed.


Customers no longer want to speak to a sales person that does not add value. AMEN to that! So how does an organization scale? Social engagement.


CEOs need not be intimidated by social engagement. This should be music to any CEOs ears. Executed effectively, strategic social engagement highlights your expertise and eliminates boundaries. That is what we mean by scalability.


It is truly a new day for subject matter experts (SME) and it's easier than ever to socially engage with your target customers.


Experts who struggle connecting with your target market can now utilize a social strategy and system that allows them to demonstrate value AND earn the right to connect with a prospect. 


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