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Most executives struggle with one of two things: 1) They are natural visionaries, but struggle to translate vision into actionable plans or 2) They are vicious executors in the near-term, but struggle to paint the vision of the future.

Cypress Resources’ 3% Leaderâ„¢ is a proprietary system designed to enable executives to overcome their challenges and leverage the opportunities of their leadership strengths.

Created by Cypress Resources founder and CEO, Carey L. Rome, the 3% Leadership System centers on the belief that top performers are deliberate in their process. They know what they want to achieve, they engage in clear communication, and they deliberately focus on the things required to make their goals a success.

3% Leader demystifies top-performing executives’ methods to success, and helps you create your own unique approach for executing a successful strategy and achieving your vision and goals. It helps leaders like you do more, faster.