As it turns out, figuring out how to think differently about your business can be challenging. 


You dreamed of owning your own business. Check. You are recognized for your expertise. Check. You are making decent money. Check. 


So, why are you still unsettled?


As it turns out, there are a few of us that want and expect more from ourselves. The problem is figuring out how to think differently about your business can be challenging. The more time you spend in your business, the harder it is to see outside of it. We call that caged vision and it can be pretty darn frustrating. 


There’s good news. Not only have we walked a mile in your shoes and achieved what you desire, we’ve figured out a system to you do it as well. 


Here’s how you can work with us to help you unlock your caged vision, create a business model that doesn’t depend on billable hours and build the awareness to make it all count.


1) Mentorship - It can be hard to see the picture when you are inside the picture frame. By leveraging our mentorship program we will take you through the steps of discovery and help you see what could be. 


2) Strategy and Model Development - Enough of the talk, you’re ready to take action and you have the time and resources to commit to your vision. Through our Strategy and Model Development Service, we’ll build the two year strategy and business model that architects your vision and gives it structure for the future.


3) Model Implementation - We get it, you already have a day job. Our Model Implementation Services lifts Strategy and Model Developement off of the paper and makes it a reality. When we’re done, you’ll have a fully developed, implemented and functional revenue model. 


4) Awareness - It doesn’t matter if no one knows. Awareness is our secret sauce and with our Awareness Services, we’ll launch and create inbound recurring revenue that works even while your asleep. How’s that for a feel good service.


Access our Self Assessment to determine how unlock your vision.


If you’d like to learn more schedule a time to talk.