Community banks are in a digital war for their customers, whether they know it or not. Community boundaries no longer protect community banks and the "Think of Us When" business model is DEAD. Your customers no longer want to come to you. The branches you've build are no longer convenient for your customer.


For too long, community banks have felt that they can't compete with the products and services of larger institutions. Well, there's good news. Customers now care more about you adding value to what is most important to them...before they even need it. That's a tall order, unless you have the right strategy.


We put KYC strategies in motion. Our team specializes in creating strategies that engage your target customers socially, while contemplating KYC risk mitigation factors. Our system brings KYC strategy to life by encompassing sales, marketing and compliance. No more silos. No more collecting information that does not get appropriately shared. No more walking into a client meeting only to get an email that BSA/AML is suggesting you close the account.


If you are interested in learning how to create social KYC strategies to help you scale and grow profitably, schedule a 15 minute exploratory call here