Strategy Execution

We put strategy in motion. Our team specializes in helping executives think through the what, when and how of what needs to be accomplished. This process brings strategy to life by creating ownership and accountability throughout the organization. Think of us like a design/build firm for your strategy. We understand complex design and we bring a project delivery system that fits your needs.


Working one-on-one in an advisory capacity, we establish a plan, sort through conflicting priorities and help define the necessary building blocks to achieve success. Our approach is a systematic and repeatable process that can be leveraged as your success grows. Within our suite of services, we offer three levels of advisory support:

  • Think.
  • Think. Solve.
  • Think. Solve. Start.


Think. We’ll work with your team to develop Road Maps that add clarity to how and when things will get done. This advisory service is designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible, yet provide a structural framework to help non-C-level executives create a 12-month plan to manage priorities. Key components of this service includes: project prioritization, dedicated timelines, resources required, recommended project structure, and high-level reporting.


Think. Solve. All of the benefits of Think., but with additional time spent developing a communication plan and goals for your team. With this service, we work to solidify and align divisional or departmental goals with the strategic priorities of the larger organization. Additionally, your team will benefit from more detailed project management and executive reporting. Through linking individual goals to the strategic priorities of the organization, Think. Solve. provides validation of a leader’s priorities and clearly defines a path to implement a solution.


Think. Solve. Start. This full-cycle approach helps executives go from vision to reality. We’ve developed a turnkey approach for going from the concept of a vision to measuring the results of what’s been delivered. This service enables executives to maintain perspective and control as the plan gets implemented, all while running a business. We’ll clearly and concisely lay out both the strategy and building blocks required to achieve success. We’ll link strategic corporate goals to divisional and departmental goals, and provide the executive team with expert project management and executive level reporting.


Project Execution:

When you need to do more, faster, and you don’t have enough of the right skill set in-house, Cypress Resources’ Project Execution service can be invaluable. Our Project Execution service is designed for any executive who has already identified and framed his organization’s key issues, and is ready to put a plan into action. It provides access to our experienced and diverse team of subject matter experts who can be rapidly deployed within 10 business days. This bandwidth, coupled with our flexible management consulting model, provides executives with the optimal scope of external resources necessary to support internal expertise. This combination is powerful. Our systematic approach to projects builds momentum and delivers success. And the best part is that once your project is scoped, you don’t have to worry about it; Cypress Resources has it covered.