The addux System


We use a system that makes strategy realistic so your team can rally around a simple, practical, and actionable plan. Because when you simplify, you get more done.




Measure what matters

Pro Football Example

What if you were the owner of a professional football team. More than likely your corporate objective would be to Maximize Shareholder Value. The problem is as specific as Maximize Shareholder Value is to you as the business owner, it is equally as vague to your team.

Unless, your team builds a specific plan to achieve your desired results AND that plan cascades down through your organization. In this example, the Head Football Coach does just that while others come up short.



core capabilities

Thinking Differently About Growth

More than likely, when you consider your growth planning it is based on existing capabilities. But where do you go from there?

Often companies get stuck on go trying to "do it all in-house", when that is really not a strength.

In this example, learn how Ford Motor Company is expanding its understanding of new market trends by purchasing a scooter company. 



clarifying ownership

Project Ownership > The Perspective To See

92.3% of all companies do not have a system to architect, plan, assess and measure the work of strategy. As a result, 90% of all strategies fail to get successfully executed.

With addux, our system clarifies ownership by guiding project owners through: 1) The content of the situation and 2) A critical thinking process.

The result? Owners know where you want to go, what they own, and how they'll make a difference



Assessing Transformational work

Becoming The Guide

You know that you have to continue to grow and evolve. The problem is change stresses your team.

Your team needs a consistent, disciplined approach that better allows you to serve as their guide and mentor them through the process.

The addux system prepares your team to have more informed and efficient meetings that result in higher quality decisions.



What Makes addux So Different?

The addux system we've developed simplifies what must be done so you get the results you want faster.


What makes addux unique is its simplicity.


What makes addux invaluable is the methodology we use to link strategy and the projects required to make your vision a reality.


What makes addux personal is the freedom of knowing the right things are being worked on.


The addux difference is a simple, practical, and actionable plan that your team can rally around so you can get more done.