Exceptional CEO


What you get when you join The Exceptional CEO Coaching System.

The Exceptional CEO Coaching System is designed for CEOs of private equity backed growth companies. Foundational to effective growth is 1) A clear path for the use of funds and 2) Efficient executive and board reporting. We make your plan visual, actionable and user-friendly. And, make your reporting efficient and integrated.

Any executive who’s worked with our team understands focus and discipline are a commitment. But, the benefits are transformational. Discipline and focus will serve as the foundation for achieving the growth plans you desire.

The Exceptional CEO Coaching System is about growth and vision for innovating within your organization. The vision for what you want to achieve is in your head. We provide the system, structure, discipline, and support so your team can see what you see. Clarity of thinking and a smooth communication that creates shared objectives, aligned goals, and focused teams, gives you a new sense of visibility into your plan — and make updates efficient.

Here’s how that happens:

  • You'll have weekly one-hour meetings with your coach where your vision for growth is unpacked and organized.

  • Once your corporate direction is set, we begin the process of building your annual and quarterly reporting to align with your strategic direction. By casting and organizing your vision first, the annual and quarterly reporting process becomes set and virtually pre-populated.

  • Each week, your coach will provide you with an ongoing source of objective feedback and out-of-the-box thinking. The Exceptional CEO Coaching System helps excel and organize the complex mental processing required of you.

  • At the end of each session, meetings will be summarized, organized, and captured in a personal client portal. As new ideas are generated throughout the week (as they often are), your portal will serve as a repository for future growth conversations to consider with your coach.

  • Week-by-week, quarter-by-quarter, your intentionality and discipline will be reflected throughout your organization. Your ideas will become clearer, and your team will better understand how they participate in your vision of the future. Your results will improve visibility, increase efficiency and growth opportunities.


By reading this far, you’ve demonstrated a desire to learn more. Schedule a call to see if The Exceptional CEO Coaching System is right for you.