3 Steps to recalibrate Your Strategy

“Movements are much more likely to sell T-shirts that to create change.” ~ Harrison Ford

Which begs the question…will your strategy sell more T-shirts or create more change?

With the beginning of the year “strategy” fanfare passing, the dust is starting to settle on 2019.

…And this will be a direct reflection on your leadership qualities.

If you find yourself taking an unclear path for 2019, it’s not too late.

Try these steps to recalibrate your strategy starting today:

• Find it - More than likely you communicated what you said you want. Go back and find that ONE THING that will make or break 2019.

• Own it - Grab that ONE THING and own it by reestablishing your single 2019 focus.

• Map it - Show your team the way by taking what you’ve reclaimed and mapping a plan to make the rest of 2019 a showcase in creating the change you desire.

We all want to create the change to achieve our desired outcome. But if all your team can see is a catch phrase on a T-shirt, they won’t know how to participate in the change you desire.

Give these recalibration tips a go.

If you struggle, reach out.

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