3 Tips to Finding a Problem Worth Solving

"It’s not about finding a problem to solve. It’s about finding a problem to solve that people already understand is a problem worth solving.” ~ Adam Pisoni

As a CEO, it is easy to only think of this externally, through the lens of your target customer

But what about internally?

Is your team aligned around the problems you solve?

If the future is not clear, and your team doesn’t know their part, they may not understand that it’s a problem worth solving.

Try these three tips to ensure your internal team understands their part in your strategy.

  1. At a high-level, share the research and process you used to clarify your strategic direction.
  2. Show how the work you’ve done thus far will serve as a launchpad for where you’re going.
  3. Engage them by demonstrating their part in making strategy happen.

We all want to know we’re working on a problem worth solving. For your team, it can be as simple as seeing how they fit into the bigger problem being solved.

I hope you found this post helpful.

I link the problem you solve to the people on your team who solve it using a system we’ve developed called addux.

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