4 Filters for Innovation

Has innovation in your company started to feel like an up hill battle?

It can be challenging.

And, the more complex, the harder it becomes to foster the leadership qualities of innovation.

Use these 4 filters to ensure your innovation efforts are focused on your target customers:

1) Do customers see the problem you see? If not, expect friction in the sales process.

2) Will customers pay for a solution to that problem? The world if full of solutions no one is willing to pay for...

3) Will customers naturally turn to you for the solution? If not, anticipate an “I’ll need to research of other options” answer from your customer.

4) Can we create that solution? Otherwise said, can we deliver on our promise?

Filtering is the first step, but you'll also need to establish a feedback loop to ensure your innovation efforts stay focused.

With the right system, your vision can be just as innovative and responsive as a startup.

Startup or not, focused innovation equals a CEO who’s growing and in touch with customer needs…a winning combination for sure.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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