The 4Cs to framing a solution

Simplifying complexity is what we do well. In order for our project delivery system to work its best, we employ a systematic method to analyze and examine issues that we call the 4Cs. Using this method will help sharpen your problem solving skills by reigning in your focus and forcing you to set a clear, unified approach.

1. Capture
What are the issues that need to be captured? How will we identify these issues? Why are these issues presenting themselves now? When do these issues impact the organization; is there a pattern? Take hold of the stumbling blocks; own them, so you can begin to understand their genesis.

2. Context
Once the issues have been captured, conduct research and analysis to provide context. Through this process, begin to establish a repository of root causes to your problem. Work to link each issue to a root cause.

3. Clarity
After compiling a list of the root causes, prioritize them. Compile a list of what will need to be accomplished in order to eliminate the root cause with the largest impact. Clarify the decisions that must be made, create a path forward and commit to it.

4. Cohesiveness
Although there can be more than one root cause at play in a given situation, choose the one that, if solved, will have the greatest positive impact on the organization. Take stock of your assets and create a cohesive action plan that will attack the problem from all sides. Launching a unified strategy, encompassing all available resources, will eliminate the problem quicker.

Measure the effectiveness of your efforts and repeat the 4Cs method for any additional root causes you may have identified. It's critical that you have a project delivery system that is built for addressing and solving problems. If your organization lacks this fundamental safety net, you'll flounder. And your seemingly small road block could end up being a major detour. Attacking things systematically has always yielded success for me.

Hear how we were able to help one client solve his most pressing problems.

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