Defining Transformational Work

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a business leader transformer?


You know what I mean...the ability to see and grasp the big picture and then, somehow magically, the ability to be in the details.


I’ll go ahead and state the obvious - Transformers aren’t real and neither is that mysterious business leader.


As it turns out, transforming your company in 2019 won’t solely rest on your shoulders, and it’s not something you can just hand off to your team.


Nope. The reality is this is where they need you and you need them in order to frame up two critical things that will drive 2019:


  1. Transformational Projects
  2. Transformational Timelines


That’s it. Just two things your team needs help with and then you’re off to being the coach (if you do it right).


But as it turns out, these two things are so critical that they can’t be successful without the Opportunity work you’ve identified, AND they won’t be successful unless you coach your team up to take Ownership in their piece of the process.


Man, that sound so complicated, it seems like someone should come up with a system for managing all of that.


Check - We’ve got your back.


Register for our four part training on the Strategy Management System that we’ve developed.


We’re calling it addux - You’re probably just going to want to call it your new best friend.


...And we’re okay with that.