Focus: The One Thing Missing From Your Strategy

Staying focused these days is more difficult than ever, especially at work. You must work to eliminate distractions in your business and make sure you and your team are focused on the MAIN thing.

What is your business' MAIN Thing? The Main thing is the primary objective for your business over the next 12 months.

Next, what is your ONE Thing? The One thing is the big domino, tied to the Main thing, that must be knocked down in the next 90 days to ensure the Main thing remains attainable and on track.

Back to distractions for a moment. There is an Inc. Magazine study that says 75 percent of your employees feel distracted. That's 3/4 of your workforce! Additionally, 34 percent of employees dislike their job due to the fact that it's so distracting.

So, as a business leader, how do you keep your team focused on your Main thing? How do you limit the distractions and create focus to what the whole company is trying to accomplish over the next 12 months?

We have some daily tips and a system (addux) to get, and keep, your employees engaged in the Main thing you must accomplish to reach your primary goal. Engaged employees will also cut down on distractions because your team will feel they have a purpose, and what they are doing is actually tied to something bigger.

You must clarify the Main thing and put it into context for your employees. We believe most employees truly want to achieve your vision, but many times get so caught up in their day-to-day activities and completing tasks, they lose sight of the Main thing.

You must also simplify the Main thing in order to draw your team in. You must make the message clear, relevant and important to them. If you give them something that is complex, and they can't grasp it, you will end up with a jumbled mess and your team will default back to distractions.

You must make the Main thing very specific. Specific down to the individual that is going to own the different portions of what must be completed. When you make it specific to them and put it in context, they will be more engaged and productive, because they feel involved and included in the big picture. 

Many times, as a business leader, you have your head down working on what you know the Main thing is, only to look up and realize that your team is focused on something else.

Business leaders need a system to make this a reality. We have a free download at that you can use to breakdown all of the work required for your employees.

After you have simplified it, made it personal, made it relevant and made it specific, you must have a way to stay on track moving forward. You must clearly set expectations and have relevant check points to ensure you don't fall behind. These check points need to add real value for both you and your team. During these check points, be sure to ask questions like, "Can I do anything to help you?" "Do you have the resources that you need to be successful?" As the guide, you are trying to help your team think critically, and empower them to take ownership in what they are doing.

So, the takeaways for ensuring your team stays focused on the Main thing are:

  • Clarify the Main thing
  • Put the Main thing into context
  • Make it very specific
  • Simplify it 
  • Set regular check points to pace the progress of work

Additionally, as a business leader, you must start asking questions before you even start a project. 

"How are you going to do this?"

"What happens if you get to here?"

"Do you have the resources you need to make it happen?"

This will allow you to pace the progress of work and understand the real status of the projects needed to accomplish your Main thing. As you pace progress, make it a habit to revisit success criteria.

We have mentioned this book before, but the Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg is a must read. In context of this book, the 'routine' is the pacing of progress, and the 'reward' is achieving the outcomes that you want; and then you must continue the loop in the habit.

Be sure to listen to the upcoming Caged Vision Podcast, dropping 08/30/2018, where we discuss this topic in even more detail.

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