How to Find the Pillars that Support Your Strategy

How Obvious Are The Pillars To Your Success?

“Heck, it should be CRYSTAL CLEAR to everyone, right…?”

I know, as business leaders, what seems abundantly clear to us, is, well, often not the case.

And, since the job of the person communicating is to effectively communicate, it really doesn’t matter what we “think” is clear.

So, as you look at the PILLARS that support your strategic direction in 2019, now’s the time to ask yourself - Are they consistent and clear?

If your answer is NO, or I’m not sure, consider these tips to make sure you’re setup for the success you want in 2019.


  1. As you’ve heard us reference many times, there are three questions that we like to use to level set where we are and where we’re going. The questions you ask should address the pain points that you solve for your target customers. When we consider the PILLARS that support the work we do, it should be a relatively simple process to map these same PILLARS to your strategy. In fact, we have some training available that is available specifically as it relates to how to best use these three questions.
  2. Use the PILLARS to serve as the a foundation that both supports and serves as a consistent theme through your strategy implementation plan.
  3. Use the PILLARS to serve as consistent TOPICS that you will use to promote your future direction. This should include both internal and external content and messaging.

When you follow these three simple steps, you will find the consistent theme in both is what you say you do, who you say you serve, and where you say you’re going.

We all want a clear, simple, practical and actionable plan that everyone can immediately grasp and act on. And, while that desire is often stated, rarely is it consistently applied.

However, now you know a quick pro tip that can start changing tomorrow today.

Hear more about this topic on our upcoming episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, dropping 10/04/18.

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