NEW BOOK COMING SOON! - Billing Beyond You


Billing Beyond YouBe on the look out for my newest book Billing Beyond You, in which I will tell you how to break out of the solopreneur trap.

The book starts by tracing the beginnings of my entrepreneurial inspiration, my family influence, and the educational journey leading up to the start of my company. I acknowledge the rising number of solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants and the dream that they all share.

If you read Billing Beyond You, you will learn the importance of and the how to of becoming known for something. I will explain why you need to start thinking beyond your technical abilities. I will also point out the common pitfall that many extremely talented solopreneurs, freelancers, and consultants fall into that will halt their potential.

In my book, I share logical networking strategies and tips with readers. I even give away one of my trade secrets: The RoadMap.

In Billing Beyond You, I explain my stance on risk adaptation in business. Most importantly, this book is about showing you how to scale and how to grow to take you from being an average consultant, freelancer, or an average solopreneur making an average $40,000 salary to $1 million. I want to take you from wherever you are to a million dollars.

In Billing Beyond You, I will tell you stories that exemplify what you should and should not be doing. I’ll tell you personal experiences that have taught me the most important lessons of my practice over the years. Things that you can easily learn for yourself through reading this book.

Email me at for a free copy of the Billing Beyond You eBook. Stay tuned for the preorder form on our site where you will be able to sign up for the extended version of Billing Beyond You coming soon!