Nick Saban is a 3% Leader

I’m an LSU fan, so it gets a little hard to talk about how sound Nick Saban is as a coach. I use the term “sound” because Nick Saban’s success is built on a solid system that he's developed and cultivated over time; he calls it “The Process.” I've had the opportunity to hear Coach Saban speak several times, and he never fails to mention how his process impacts his players and their program at every level. If you are like me, you can identify with a process-driven approach. I use a systematic, deliberate process everyday with my clients and it's what sets top-tier leaders, roughly three percent, apart from the rest of the pack.

The 3% Leader™ is one who deliberately and intentionally designs and focuses daily on the tasks required to successfully achieve overall goals, implement strategy and materialize their vision. 

Coach Saban is clearly a 3% Leader.

For Coach Saban, The Process means three things: 1) Having a vision, 2) Identifying the specific steps you need to do to achieve that vision and 3) Executing these steps.

ESPN's College Game Day coverage featured a piece called "Driving to work with Nick Saban." Reporter Marty Smith asked Coach Saban about his legendary focus and they talked about his process. "It's really a very simple concept," said Saban. And it is. But simple doesn't mean easy; application can be extremely challenging. A process must be developed, tested, modified, and most importantly, adhered to with an unyielding passion.

I've studied the leadership traits of high achievers for years. Coach Saban has mastered what a rare few are able to accomplish. And, he's done this using simple, straight-forward concepts. For those that appreciate a systematic approach to leadership with a repeatable process for success, check out my e-book 3% Leader: The Proven System for Top-Tier Performance.

I may not have enjoyed the LSU/Alabama game, but I always appreciate watching a 3% Leader execute a process, and win.

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