Own It! Coaching Employees to Own Their Work

You’ve seen the signs posted on the street corner.


Desperately, you’re looking for the rightful owner.


There are a couple of reasons for this:


  1. You know (or hope) someone is missing what’s lost
  2. You don’t want what you’ve found (just being real...)


These two reasons typically apply when referring to a lost neighborhood cat, but what about in the transformational projects that are supposed to be driving your company’s direction.




If it’s this late in the game, good luck finding the person who’s missing what’s lost. They’re probably glad that responsibility mysteriously slipped away.


And you certainly don’t want to find missing pieces this late in the game.


As it turns out, there’s a better way and it involves transferring and coaching your team to own their part of strategy...


...not one time


...not weekly


...not monthly


...not quarterly


...and not annually


Nope - the process is never ending. But the good news is that is exactly how you get what you want.


The other good news is that we’ve got a simple one page way to manage this process and seven simple questions you can use to shortcut the results you want.


I’m providing some free training coming up in just a few weeks where I’ll cover both of these in detail.


Leave the lost signs at home —-> Register Here.