Make Better Progress - Ask Your Team These 3 Questions

“Why did you do this, and NOT that first?”

Have you ever looked at someone completely baffled at the decision they've made?
Well, if it’s just a matter of the path someone took to get to a destination, it’s probably just an annoyance, because it just doesn’t make sense to you.

…But, using that example, what if you were a logistics company?

How would individual interpretations bode for efficient delivery? - Not very good.

Which is why logistics companies map out their routes and even use software to determine the best logical progression to achieve the outcomes they want.

So, what are you doing in your business to help your team think logically and critically through the optimal progression of what needs to be done...when, how and by whom?

As when you start with a MAIN THING concept, and you then move into a 90-day ONE THING focus, you help your team understand the importance of priority and progression.

As it turns out, helping your team think through this is pretty important.

Use these three questions to help your team best understand the necessary progression to get the results you want:

  1. Is this a starting point, or do we need to do something else for this to be successful?
  2. What if not done first, would cause anything we do next to either be on hold or potentially fail?
  3. What will we need to have accomplished, and by when, in order to do the next priority and accomplish our ONE THING?

We all need a little help with the logic of progression in some way or another. For me, I need very clear directions when cooking…or else I’ll just dump everything in at once and throw it in the oven.

…But just like it won’t work when cooking, it won’t work in getting the results you want.


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