The Capacity To Do More

“It was absolutely terrifying…I honestly can’t even remember what I was thinking. I just knew at the time that I had to get him out and that I had to save him.” 

Those are the words of Lauren Kornacki of Glen Allen, VA.


In August 2012, when Lauren was just 22, she walked into her family’s garage to find her father trapped under a 3,500 lb. car he’d been working on.


Exhibiting a moment of super human strength, Lauren literally lifted the car, slid her father from under the car, did CPR and saved his life.


Who knew that we as humans had that capacity?


What if we had the ability to distribute that level of capacity whenever we wanted?


It’d be pretty awesome.


Truth is, we can’t…which means we better plan on getting a little help along the way.


Fortunately getting what you need done to push your business forward is not life or death (unless you’re Jason Bateman in Ozark)!


Super human strength not accounted for, below are three tips to making sure your team has the capacity they need to do what you need done:


  1. Account for their Day Job - Most every employee was hired to support your on-going organization's operations. And, when you hired them, more than likely you didn’t account for the additional projects that you’ll need help on to implement your strategy. So don’t ignore the obvious. Start with asking your employees to provide you with an assessment of their capacity to take on new work.
  2. Assess Strengths -  Just because someone has the capacity, doesn’t mean their the right fit for the challenge. Just think if Lauren was not 22, but instead she was the family’s 95-year-old grandmother. The outcome may have been the same, but I’m pretty sure the grandmother would have called 911.
  3. Fill the Gap - You’re a business owner, so by now you’re pretty good identifying a potential hole and finding a way to fill it. Don’t leave that problem solving mindset by the side as you help your team think through their capacity and the resources they’ll need to get done what you’re challenging them to do.


We all want to know that deep down, if needed, we have the capacity to do whatever needs to be done.


Let’s save the real heroics for saving lives.


In the meantime, use the tips above to help your team think through what it will take to accomplish what you want…even if they leave their superhero cape at home.


To hear more on the capacity to do more, and how to simplify and grow your business, check out the upcoming Caged Vision podcast, dropping 10/25/2018.