Tips For Selling Your Vision

I mean, as long as “leadership” knows where we’re going, we’re good.

What’s there to sell?

Either you get it or you don’t…

Either you’re on board and you care enough to rally around where we’re going or not…

That sort of mindset may have worked in 1980, but times have changed.

The value of a widget produced has shifted. The ultimate value of a widget is the information you can create or obtain by using the widget. That represents a shift from "acquire and consume" to “obtain and create.”

As the possibilities of this shift become more complex, a need for clarity has never been more important.

Ok, ok…but why do I need to “Sell” my vision to my team?

Well, it’s pretty simple really - Your team needs to understand the WHAT and the HOW of your product or service.

And the closer your WHAT comes to using data to drive decisions, your HOW is going to need more clarity.

…And, for your HOW to make complete sense, your WHO is going to have to be clearly described.

WHO is your target customer?

HOW are they going to best get value from your product or service?

WHAT outcomes will the get by using your product or service?

As it turns out, your team needs to believe in your vision.

…And if you’re not comfortable selling your team on your vision, maybe you are the one that doesn’t believe.

Check out more on this topic on the upcoming episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, dropping 12/20/2019.

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