Episode 54: A Message For All Of The Naysayers Out There

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Show Notes:

Today’s episode is packed full of lessons about living the life you want first and figuring the rest out later.

Today we’re joined by Tim Alison, founder of Screw the Naysayers Productions, which includes a book, podcast and tons of life lessons.

Tim, after being one of Canada’s top 2% of all wage earners, gave it all up to move to a remote town that he and his wife cherished. Not really knowing how he’d make it all work, Tim was one of the early entrepreneurs into the on-line learning systems that we know today.

Tim has great stories about how he just figured it out, that I think will serve as encouragement to anyone looking to unlock their caged vision

I know you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from Tim’s story.

So please help me welcome Tim Alison.

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