Episode 58: How Surrounding Yourself With The Right People Can Help You Achieve Anything

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Show Notes:

"I was so determined and the coaches had mercy on me… But really that I had the confidence and I wasn’t going to leave. And because of that confidence, they kept coaching me. And by the time I finished that three months, I came back and became the best in the U.S.”
~ Bonny Simi

This is an excerpt from Bonny Simi’s Olympic rise from becoming a novice to the nations best in 3 short months. How did she do it?

1. She set a goal

2. She was determined to achieve the goal

3. She pushed herself to become better by training with the best

4. She demonstrated determination and confidence through her everyday commitment

5. Because of 1-4, coaches decided to invest in helping her become the best

So what about your company's strategy? Have you made steps 1-4 clear for your company and employees? If so, you may find they'll invest in the plan. Is this the classic chicken or the egg scenario? No.

You are the leader and your team needs to clearly see your vision for the company you run. They need the plan to achieve the vision. They need a committed to the vision. In turn, the confidence demonstrated through the plan will motivate your team to help you become the best.

Link to Bonny Simi Podcast: https://ecorner.stanford.edu/podcast/an-entrepreneurial-mindset-applied-to-you/