Episode 59: Fear of Unlocking Caged Vision

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Show Notes:

"Strategy is sexy and cool and everyone likes to talk about strategy, but the rubber meets the road in executing a plan.” ~ Mark J Forchette

How are you coming?

Astute business leaders already know…they feel it.

Is it another year of:

1. Same old, same old
2. Verdict is still out, or
3. Clear, distinct path

Ok, straight talk time.

Another year of the same old, same old means you're complacent. My hope is that you have enough saved for retirement and that day is very soon.

Is the verdict really still out or is this the excuse you use every year? Thin about it driving to a destination and 25% through the journey you couldn’t tell if you were on the right track...Would you pull over and recalibrate?

If you’ve set and are executing a clear path, CONGRATS!

To motivate your people around the journey you believe in, they need to clearly see 1) Your vision for the future and 2) Their part in the process.

I hope this post has encouraged you to take action. I recommend using a system to help clearly lay out your plan.

I help companies set and execute a clear path to achieving the results they want.

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