Episode 68: What's Stopping You From Starting?

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Show Notes:

What's Stopping You From Starting to Uncage Your Vision?



The imposter shepherds will:

1) Steal your passion
2) Kill your vision

What are these imposters:

First, CERTAINTY - is not your shepherd

The quest for certainty is draining

My success in leadership is not contingent upon certainty.

It ok not to know, it’s ok not to be right, it’s not ok to not love.

Second imposter, INSECURITY.

You’ll never be fully alive as a leader following your insecurity.

Insecurity will eventually lead to dishonesty, which erodes your credibility and undermines moral authority.

I will not lie to myself even when the truth makes me feel bad about myself.

Third imposter is ENVY.

Envy will just lead you to do what everyone else is already doing.

There’s no win in comparison.

The moment you start comparing, you make their story your shepherd.

You’ll end up arrogant, a critic, or depressed.

3 Postures that will set you up to fend off the imposter shepherds

1) Maintain an open mind. Embrace, don’t pretend it’s not there. Uncertainty is the reason there’s leadership. Because there is uncertainty, you have to be the most open minded, curious leader. The moment fear clouds your thinking, you stop thinking there’s more to know. The deeper your anchor of faith is set the longer your line can go. Be a student first, critic second. Never criticize something you don’t understand. Do what it takes not what always be done. Close-minded leaders always close minds. Status quo will stay.

2) Be open handed

3) Be open hearted