Episode 74: The Fun is Always On the Other Side of YES

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Show Notes:

On today’s podcast we have a special guest, Andy Wang. Andy and his brother Chris run a financial advisory practice and have taken a different approach to unlocking the vision for their business. Some of my favorite quotes from our call include:

[6:30]- “I didn’t even have total buy-in myself, but I was willing to try”

[7:15] - “To grow your business…you don’t want to remain static. You want your business to be dynamic. Part of that is being willing to try different things, try something new.”

[11:13] - “Instead of people asking for a referral, they have extreme confidence in their ability to use the internet to do their own research.”

[13:40] - “When you get those flashes of inspiration, you want to make sure you don’t lose it.”

[14:00] - “You’ve got to take the leap. The second half of that is the word execution.”
[20:12] - “I’m yet to find somebody that says, “I am against buying local” 
[24:14] - “I think all of these businesses we visit can be referral sources for us.”
[26:12] - “You have to be willing to start somewhere and kind of know you’re going to stink it up for a little bit”
[27:20] - “We’re trying to bring less and deliver more”
Closing thoughts on the advice Andy would give his 20 year-old self:

“Don’t be scared. If it’s scary, (as long as it’s not dangerous) I should try it. Take the leap. Do one thing everyday that scares you."

You can find and follow Andy at BuyLocalNJ.com