Episode 76: Going From Dumpster Diving to Feeding The Hungry

Ep76 - From Dumpster Diving to Feeding the Hungry (2)


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Show Notes:

On today's episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, we have ex-professional hockey player, entrepreneur, and humanitarian Stephen Clark. He tells his amazing and inspiring stories covering:
  • How he had to build his first bike on his own
  • Taking that experience to become an entrepreneur as a young child
  • His journey from a poor kid to a professional athlete
  • Going from dumpster diving to feeding the hungry
  • Leaving a cushy corporate job to becoming his own boss
  • Getting his first client, who had one employee at the time, and turning that into millions of dollars in business
  • Why an unshakeable belief in yourself makes you unstoppable
  • Why patience can prevent nearly every mistake you make
  • ...and how he continues to build businesses even today
We really enjoyed hearing Stephen's entrepreneurial mindset and his journey of taking action and turning that action into results.

You can reach Stephen at SClark@RTGGroupInc.com and check out his company, Receive Through Giving (RTG), and their mission to stop hunger in a new way at www.RTGGroupInc.com.
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