Episode 78: Why Authentic Strategy is the Way of the Future

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Show Notes:

On this week's episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, we interview Jay Waters. Jay is a professor of strategy at the University of Alabama.

Coming from a large marketing/advertising background into the world of teaching strategy, Jay is planting the seed for the up and coming business leaders of tomorrow on how it's supposed to be done.

Today we cover a variety of pure strategy topics, including his thoughts on:

  • Getting people off of go
  • If your strategy includes making the world a better place, that's a good place to be in business
  • Why pure dollars and cents, and maximizing shareholder value is not a viable long-term strategy
  • How the employees of today, and tomorrow, expect to actually make a difference, not just do the work
  • Why authenticity creates passion in the workplace and your employees
  • How he helped in changing the face of Asheville, NC into the Foodtopia it is today
  • The fact that there can still be an elegance and simplicity to business strategy
  • The arrogance that is attached to the word strategic and why that's unproductive
  • How there's really not much difference between strategy and tactics

It was a fascinating show, and we really appreciated having Jay on the podcast.

You can connect with Jay on LinkedIn or at waters@apr.ua.edu.