79: How to Motivate When Your Best Efforts Got You in the Wrong Place

Ep 79





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Show Notes:

How to motivate when your best efforts got you in the wrong place.

“I found myself in a place where I’d destroyed my life. My wife had left me because I hadn’t been honest with her…I was at rock bottom.”

Have you ever found yourself in the wrong place, despite your best efforts?

I think if you’re being honest, you have…I have.

Today’s guest on the Caged Vision Podcast is Larry Broughton. Today, Larry is a strong, confident CEO, leader and mentor to many. But it wasn’t always this way.

If fact, Larry started out very insecure because of a learning disability. Ironically, Larry’s brilliance was only masked by a reading disability.

With a change in the test type ever so slightly, Larry’s brilliance was not only revealed, but lead him to be in one of the most elite special forces teams in the country.

Think about that…

Larry could have felt sorry for himself. He could have let others tell him he wasn’t good enough. But he didn’t.

And, this wasn’t the last time Larry would have to pick himself off of the mat.

Some of the high points and topics from the show include:

  • "Individuals play the games, but it’s teams that beat the odds”
  • Character is built in tough times.
  • I didn’t have any confidence when I got out of high school because that I had any academic capacity at all because I could barely read.
  • I knew intuitively that I was intellectually smart, but no one else around me knew that…all of the indicators were telling me that I wasn’t a smart person.
  • My first job was as a night auditor at a motel. So I went in at 11 and got off at 7…and then I went to school during the day.
  • When I was in Boy Scouts, I realized that if I just follow the path that someone has already laid for me, I’d make it if I just follow the path others have laid out for me.
  • There are times in our life that we just show up and what others who are further down the path tell us.
  • A friend described me as an ego manic with an inferiority complex.
  • If you’ve got to fight to get it, you’ve got to fight to keep it.
  • We all want these mountain top experiences, but we don’t want the valley experiences. But the valley is where we sometimes can’t see the growth. And some times you have to take out the machete and cut your way through. Other times you need to stand there, take a deep breath, look around, and sometimes you’ll see that tiny game trail of a rabbit and some times it opens up to more of a clear foot path.
  • Too often we get panicky and we feel like, oh my gosh, I’m stalled for a minute and so I’m failing. And that’s not it at all. Some times its the universe saying take a breath, take a break.
  • Pursue excellence in everything that you do.
  • Show up like it matters.
  • Teddy Rosevelt - The Man In The Arena
  • Some times we just need to take action. And often times we don’t know what action to take, so you just take a step. “Well, what if I don’t know what step to take?”  Well I think you do. You know the difference between right and wrong. You know the difference between good and evil. Step to the good side first. And then, just keep taking course corrections along the way. And what happens is those baby steps…those couple of baby steps get you two steps closer to somewhere.  We may not even know where, but ultimately at some point momentum takes over. And, its the Big Mo that changes lives. But the Big Mo doesn’t come until we have courage. Courage changes everything in our lives. And I’m not talking about he courage it takes to get a metal of honor, I’m talking about the courage to get out of bed with a positive attitude.
  • Do the hard right over the easy wrong.
  • You’ve got to take that first step and some times it’s out of pain…my best efforts got me here and I don’t like it.
  • Just show up…but today, I just want 1% harder than yesterday. The compound affect.
  • It’s the small, consistent, incremental things that we do is what leads to transformation in our lives. It’s not the big sea shifts that we’re trying to do overnight. No one can do that.
  • Small things done consistently, that’s what moves the needle.
  • There’s a difference between friends and allies. Allies see the potential in you that you may not see in yourself.
  • How do you put fuel on it, keep your ears open to the right people.
  • Just ask people who are further down the path than you are.

It was a fascinating show, and we really appreciated having Larry on the show.

You can connect with Larry on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or find him on his multiple websites, yoogozi.com, or broughtonhotels.com.