83: How to Go From On Your Back to Back on Top

Ep 83





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Show Notes:

How to Go from On Your Back to Back on Top

On today's episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, I interview Tomas Keenan.  Tomas is a scrappy and motivated entrepreneur, as well as the owner of Top Class Installations in Hicksville, NY.  Tomas followed his passion of cars and music to find himself to create a business of his own.  After that business literally broke him all the way down, he had to find another way. 

This is an extremely inspiring episode of why to never give up, and why it can take people around you to get you back in the game, and back on top.

Some takeaways from the show:

"I expected to be installing high end custom audio all day, every day. I soon realized that these jobs don’t just magically appear. And when the work did appear it wasn’t always something I was familiar with or wanted to do."

"I thought that once you opened a business that all you had to do was the work. In other words, fulfillment. Sell that job, do the work, get paid, life is dreamy. What they don’t tell you is that once you become a business owner that you are responsible and expected to wear all the hats. Accounting, bookkeeping, cleaning, ordering supplies, firefighting, hiring, etc."

"If I just grind all day, everything will be just fine. With all that grinding, 3 very important areas of my life suffered. Faith, Family, and most importantly… my fitness. This led me to developing severe sciatica which eventually floored me when I least expected it. I was laid up in bed for 3 weeks. My business generated zero income because I was the business."

"Fast forward to 2019. Top Class is now 5 years old. My wife tells me she’s pregnant (Life Altering Event). This drove me to become a better person so I could raise my child in the manner that I deemed responsible."

"After I began going down the path of self-development I become addicted to learning. I couldn’t consume content fast enough. I could finally start growing the business and putting it on the right course for success"

"Finally, 7 years into Top Class we were excelling. Our team had grown, our business had grown, our relationships had grown, I was no longer working on the day to day of the business. Things were moving along nicely."

"But then my wife and I faced our greatest challenge yet. Our 6 month old twin son was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to fix an intestinal blockage. I once again left my business for 3 full weeks. The difference was… this time I actually owned a business. Top Class went on to operate and thrive without me while I was busy taking care of the most important thing in my life. My family."

"And then, in the height of Top Class’ success, I became very clear on my purpose. It drove me so hard that I wrote a book in order to share my story with the world."

"I was put here on this planet to help others succeed in business. Today I help aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs get out of their own way. At the same time, I haven’t stop feeding my lust for learning."

"I know what it’s like to make a scary move. To quit your job, to get married, to have kids, to buy a house, to invest in yourself with a high dollar coaching program. The timing will never seem right. But you must take action and risks in order to expand your comfort zone."

You can find Tomas on LinkedIn, and on his website: