88: Visualizing Success and Making it Happen






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On today's episode of the Caged Vision Podcast, I interview Andy Crestodina. 

“This difference that really triggers people to take action are the people who work a little harder on picturing the outcome.”
Do you have a specific outcome you want your target customer to have through a conversation with you?
...Yes, of course “BUY” is obvious. But what is the conversation immediately before signing a contract or receiving confirmation of a go?
More than likely, this is the outcome that you need to visualize - and there’s a journey of conversations and questions that need to be answered that will lead to this outcome. Have you ever wondered how to reverse engineer the success you visualize and making happen automatically?
Well, today you are going to get your answers because we have a very special guest on the Caged Vision Podcast, Andy Crestodina.
There is no further evidence than a testimonial and I can honestly say that after 45 minutes with Andy, I was so intrigued by his knowledge and expertise that I asked for a call with his team.
What if success was that automatic for you? Be sure to download, listen, like, share this weeks podcast.
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