89: Being Buried Alive and Alone Changes Your Perspective

EP 89


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In this week's show, I interview the Business Growth Architect/Strategist, Attorney, Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Bestselling Author, Christine Perakis.

Christine is the author of the Entrepreneur's Essential Roadmap: Take Your Business from 0 to 7 Figures in Record Time, which can be found on Amazon here.

Christine discusses her vision of sailing across the world as a child, and what it took to make that vision real. And how she went from living in literal paradise to being buried alive and completely alone.

Some of my favorites from the episode:

- With any mastery, there’s always someone who knows more, there’s always someone who knows less but we need to keep trying to learn and expand on our passion.

- A vision without a plan is just a dream

- Align yourself with people who know more than you

- No one gets to world-class without a coach

- Be willing to say I don’t know everything and don’t be afraid to ask

- Who are the people who are sharing and teaching that resonate with you

- When I’m on track with something the road before me just lays out smooth and straight

- It took being buried alive to finally realize I couldn’t do it alone

- From Paradise to being burned alive.

- This was bigger than me and I

- When the needle is thread that leaves you buried alive and alone.

- I thought I’d done everything. Before, I was ignorant…I don’t know what I don’t know. I’m thinking I’m a professional mariner, a professional rescuer, I've rescued businesses, boats and people and safely brought them to shore. I had done so many things right. I had friends where we were cross-checking one another, mariners who were looking after others, I had the Rolls Royce of hurricane protection on my windows, but this thing was bigger than any of us. And, it was more powerful….and that’s the piece people out there who won’t relate to a hurricane, but they will relate to a situation when they were just not in control.

- We all get hit by things that are simply out of our control. And we are all complacent up until that point, thinking that we’ve got it handled. But you don’t realize until you find yourself buried alive alone in a wind coffin.

- It took me months to realize I didn’t know anybody else who’d gone home alone after watching the last weather reports knowing that storm was not going to veer off, it was headed straight for us. It was that I was complacent, I was ignorant and I had a pattern of feeling like I can handle anything, I can handle this…

- What I’ve learned through these experiences is that you don’t have to go it alone.

- What do you do when there’s nothing to do except control your mind and to control your emotions and to understand the situation.

- There’s not an action that is more powerful than what our minds do to us. They do it in every turn.

- 80% - 90% of our success is due to mindset so if our minds are out of control what do you think will happen.

- It’s the stories we tell ourselves that are more constricting than anything that is actually happening.

- There is always something you can do to turn your story, of where you are right now, into a story of prospering.

- Go where there’s light…for any of us…whatever those experiences are that have us stuck. There’s always going to be something that will show itself and we can move towards.

You don't want to miss this amazing episode, which is chalked full of valuable insight and stories from Christine on vision, coaching, communities, business, and just life in general.

You can find out more about Christine at christineperakis.com and her Business Breakthrough Pro Program HERE