90: How to See Beyond What You Know to Create the Impossible






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How to see beyond what you know to create the impossible.
You know it to be true. In fact, your expertise is grounded in all that you know…and that gives you confidence.
The problem is, if you only live in what you know, you’ll never expand your frame of reference and thinking into what you don’t know.
On today’s Caged Vision Podcast, David Chislett, who is an expert on creativity, gives lessons on how to be more creating.
Here are a few things you’ll learn:
  • Creativity is a process of connecting dots
  • To connect dots, often you’ll first have to suspend judgment 
  • Why mastering technic is critically important to creative thinking
  • What you can do to prevent a robot from taking your job
  • How to create a creative culture
We all want to advance and do the best we can. The good news is, with a few tweaks and focused practice, you can get there faster than you think.
If it makes me happy
Creativity is a process of connecting dots
Help a robot stole my job
How to create a creative culture 
Get creative by suspending judgment
You’ve got to let go of what you know to discover what you don’t know
We need to be doing work that robots can’t 
If I’d have just put in a 1/2 hour of work each day, there’s some much technique that I would have to think about that would free me up to connect the dots...I.e. creating new music
It’s not about being able to be able to play the songs to be able to get on stage