addux self Guided


you're a business leader with a team that is stuck!

You're too busy hand-holding and taking a day off isn't feasible.

You know if you don't do something  your business will continue to stagnate or worse yet slipbackwards?

We understand that finding time away from your business is tough and traveling to Birmingham may not be in the budget. 

addux online is a self guided training that walks you step-by-step through our system with activities and exercises for you to clarify and simplify where you want to go. 

The result - a guide that gets your team to go and moves your business forward. 

Our DIY plan is easy. It's literally as simple as signing up for our self guided course, and going through the training and exercises at your own pace. 

 The addux self guided course contains:

  • 7 Video modules that walk you through each step of completing the addux guide.
  • Questions to ask yourself and your team along the way to make sure you're on the same page. 
  • Exercises & activities that will help you drill down to the specifics of what's truly important. 
  • Downloadable addux guide pdf to use as you determine the one objective that will move your business and your team to go.