You want to be fulfilled in your work. In fact, you deserve to create a business that fulfills you and inspires you to give all that you’ve got.

The problem is the vision of where you want to go is not clear.

We understand, we’ve navigated those waters ourselves. Call it a bit of insanity, but we loved the process so much, we decided to make it our business.

Working with us is easy. It literally just starts out with a conversation. The three areas in which we help you create a business that fulfills are:

1) Listening and Unpacking Your Vision - If you listen to our podcast or read our content, you’ve heard us reference this as Caged Vision. Caged Vision is the term we use to describe that feeling of being trapped in the business that you’ve created.

What we have found is that through a conversation, we can help you identify the business potential that you’ve already thought of. As we often say, “It’s really hard to see the picture when you are inside the frame.” So don’t beat yourself up over not being able to see it more clearly; you’re not alone.

Through our conversation, we will work towards your Why. Simon Sinek authored a book titled Start With Why. It is brilliant and you should buy and read the book. But the point is that you have a Why and in our conversation we will find it. We always do.

Once we’ve identified your Why, we start building on a vision for your business that will create the fulfillment you desire.

Remember, success is getting what you want, but fulfillment is giving what you’ve got.

Our clients know they have more to give and not being able to see what that is clearly leaves them feeling demotivated, frustrated and insignificant.

But, once we unpack there Caged Vision, a new energy pours through their veins. The beauty, we get to be a part of unlocking the brilliance that already exists within you. And that’s pretty darn cool.

2) Mapping Out and Planning a Financial Model - Identifying where we want to go is just the start. We make sure that your investment will yield the return on investment and effort that you desire.

We do this by studying the potential market, studying the need and identifying a target market.

The process of financially modeling can be a bit of a snoozer, so we won’t bore you with the details. What we will do is take all of the inputs, most of which you already have, and build on them.

We will build a pricing model. We will build an anticipated cost model. We will build a profitability model. We will build an expected time allocation model and we will forecast overhead.

Each model is delivered with variables that allow the business owner to help drive and determine expected outcomes. After all, you are the subject matter expert in your field. You are the practitioner. And it is this exact relationship that makes our model so successful.

Our models are designed to build a revenue stream that builds on your expertise, not recreate it. Through our process, we’ll create and present a model that allows you to build and scale with minimal time commitment. We do this by packaging your expertise into a model that can be built once and sold many times.

What we have found is that this re-energizes business owners and ironically helps give new life to their existing business.

3) Work With You To Implement - Implementation is the hardest part. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. The good news is that we do all of the heavy lifting.

Once your vision is set and the financial model is agreed upon, we get to work implementing your new revenue model.

We work with you to understand the realistic time commitment that you can provide. Next, we lay out a timeline and plan so that you know exactly what to expect each week.

During our allotted time, we’ll meet, provide you with updates and gather the information that we need from you to make the next seven day sprint.

The process is smooth and predictable, yet gets a tremendous amount accomplished.

As we move closer to your launch, we will lay out the strategy that we’ve created to make your new revenue model successful.

What we have found is that many revenue strategies fail to launch simply because they didn’t have a plan for launching. We make sure your endeavor will not fall into this category.

Just like working with us through out every phase of the engagement, post implementation, we’ve got your back. We understand you’re not signing up to work twice as much, you’re signing up to create leverage and scale towards more fulfilling work. We will make sure your product is successful.

To find out more, a call is the best option.

But, we are not for everyone. We build on your domain expertise. We build on your success. And so, achieving success is critical to being able to take your vision to the next level.

If you are a business under $1M in revenue, we are more than likely not a fit. However, we have a tremendous amount of free resources that we highly encourage you to use until you get there.

If you are a business with over $1M in revenue and are known for your subject matter expertise, a conversation is welcomed to see if we are a fit.

There’s great news if after our call we mutually agree that we are a fit to work together. That great news is that we put our money where our mouth is…. We will put our money into your new revenue model. This equity investment demonstrates to many owners that our partnership is both serious and lasting.

If our approach seems like it might be a fit for you, contact us here.

We look forward to our call.