Keep Strategy In Motion Without Increasing Headcount


The speed of business is moving faster than ever and your ability to adapt and respond timely will determine your future. Checking the "annual strategy off-site” box may be good for team building, but without systematically executing and adapting your plan, failure is imminent 


Unfortunately, most small and midsized businesses can’t afford to attract and retain a dedicated Strategy Officer. Salary research estimates the average salary for a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is $175,073.00, before incentive comp.


A position that once was seen as a pure luxury for large company CEOs has become a necessity for many to ensure strategy stays on point. In fact, the number one failure point in strategy is poor execution. With an ever-changing barrage of external forces that constantly need to be evaluated by the CEO, ensuring strategy is well implemented often moves to the back burner.  


The CSO is responsible for overseeing the implementation, execution, and adoption of strategy. Gone are the days of the CSO’s role being a luxury. According to Harvard Business Review, 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution. In fact, this same article went on to say that 54% of executives felt they were being held accountable for problems outside their control.


Cypress Resources vCSO team can help you deploy, message, and manage your strategy execution headaches. Our team of experienced strategy execution experts become a virtual part of your team, providing oversight, intelligence, and a repository of strategic conversations, decision criteria, and success stories. You will have 24/7 access to your vCSO client portal, where you can quickly monitor progress without the inefficiency of regurgitating “updates" in team meetings. All of your strategy conversations, alignment, mapping, prioritization, capacity assessment, and ownership responsibility is warehoused in one place with constant oversight and analysis from your dedicated vCSO team.


Cypress Resources vCSO team can help you develop and maintain a disciplined strategy program to reduce your overall risk of failure and ensure that you meet your growth expectations. 




  • 24/7 Access to the virtual Chief Strategy Officer platform
  • Disciplined, systematic, & focused collaboration of entire strategy deployment program
  • Proven employee engagement and prioritization process
  • Success stories portal and awareness program
  • Unbiased 3rd party thinking to help assess your team’s true capabilities
  • Built in resource utilization assessment 
  • Monthly executive management score card
  • Annual Board of Directors strategy presentation
  • Employee strategy education & awareness delivered through addux Online
  • Secure Q&A messaging portal
  • Automated 4-Box Assessment Tool 
  • Complete access to the addux Resource Recommendation Engine (coming soon)