What We Do



We are a consulting firm that helps clients execute priorities within tight timeframes. We have a unique model which begins with assessing, evaluating, and building your success plan. Next, we deliver a turnkey solution to help drive tactical execution and ROI.



A little about our unique model:

C4 Assessment

Our C4 Assessment was developed out of an in-depth analysis of four key areas of disciplined execution success.

1. Objectives and Alignment

2. Results

3. Deliverables

4. Resources

Within three weeks, the C4 Assessment will have evaluated each of these four key areas. What follows is an outside perspective based on two decades of executing strategic priorities. We serve you in an advisory capacity to ensure your plan is successful.

Often, your team may never need outside support to deliver. But if they do, when you work with Cypress you have a trusted partner that already knows your priorities, your potential gaps and is deeply familiar with your plan for success.

There is simply no better way to move forward with confidence than having the right partner from the start.

Executive Advisory

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you deserve to be successful with all you’ve been entrusted. Unfortunately, with success comes isolation and that’s a problem when you need a sounding board.

We understand, since 2005 we’ve served as the sounding board for top executives who’ve achieved consistent measurable success.

By leveraging technology, we’ve made our executive advisory service more accessible and easier than ever.

Here’s how it works:

1. A two hour on-boarding process to understand your priorities.

2. Bi-weekly “sounding board” calls designed to challenge assumptions.

3. Monthly summary progress roadmap.

Great leaders don’t rest on the questions they already know. Great leaders consistently look to be challenged and seek the questions the haven’t anticipated.

Turnkey Solutions

You have big plans ahead and you need to move fast. You value an outside perspective and your team needs extra horsepower.

Unfortunately, for too long, these needs have been viewed as separate. These disjointed efforts often lead to:

1. Executive alignment without context of team needs


2. Body’s thrown at a team problem without executive alignment. Neither outcome is acceptable.

Our turnkey solutions will:

•  Identify strategic gaps and remove roadblocks within your existing plan

•  Create alignment from the executive level down on how to achieve desired results within tight timeframes

•  Reveal the formula for success in light of your unique context

•  Outline how data can be better leveraged to measure progress, establish KPIs and prioritize efforts to accelerate ROIs

•  Help your team build the right strategic foundation without incurring additional FTE overhead

When the right support is applied to a consistent, proven model, great things happen. Avoid the costliness of disjointed consulting and wasteful, afterthought staffing by using the Cypress turnkey solution that works.