Why We Do What We Do




We believe using technology and your data as a tool to make decisions is critical to success.



You have been charged to do more with less and faster than ever before. You’ve always risen to the challenge and there’s no doubt you do it once again.

You also understand the speed of change and pressure to deliver results has made it impossible to go it alone.

We get it. In fact, this is WHY we’ve built our firm around supporting you. And, we’ve adapted our methodology to move as fast as the speed of business, while delivering timeless principles to ensure consistency in execution.

Below is a short list of WHY executives partner with Cypress to make the most of their strategy and deliver precision resources.

> Want to focus on growth

> Need to get a lot done in a short period of time

> Need a nimble partner

> Need to create a clear execution strategy

> Need to validate the effectiveness of your plan

> Need augmented project-based resources

> Want to align cross-department KPIs

> Need support executing against company goals and budgets

> Want to accelerate the achievement of your core strategic initiatives

> Want clarity on how organizational goals will be achieved

> Want to uncover any gaps that could be barriers to success

> Want to create an environment for critical thinking


> Want to drive core objectives

> Want to identify strategic gaps

> Need to remove organizational roadblocks

> Want to create organizational alignment

> Need to achieve desired results

> Want to know key strategic initiatives are budgeted and will get executed

> Want financial triggers that drive profitability

> Want the best use of capital

> Want to ensure compliance

> Need to drive tactical execution and ROI

> Want a systematic formula for success that can be consistently applied

> Want to accelerate success

> Have to keep investors motivated


> Want to build the right strategic foundation

> Want to onboard new FTE's in the future when it makes sense

> Want a strategic assessment and detailed analysis of potential gaps

> Want an outside set of expert eyes

> Want a fresh perspective

> Need to identify inefficiencies

> Want to limit "nice to haves" and focus on "mission critical"

> Want to strategically deploy the right resources

> Value advisory consulting services followed by staff augmentation for tactical execution

> Value the best outputs of strategic consulting with precise staff augmentation

> Value a turnkey strategic solution

> Need team action plans with more confidence




This list is WHY clients turn to Cypress. You don’t have to go it alone shouldering the risk of blindspots and depleted resources. Turn to Cypress for a turnkey solution delivering the best outputs of strategic consulting with precise staff augmentation.

If you found yourself saying YES when reading our WHY’s, we should spend 30 minutes determining if we’re a fit.