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Do you need an assessment

Move forward with confidence

Do you need an assessment? It's a logical question. 

You may benefit from an assessment if you need to quickly align priorities and identify gaps that will prevent success.

In 2009, we developed a model for assessing the effectiveness and viability of organizational plans. For over a decade, we've worked to streamline the process into a powerful 3-week assessment. 

Initiate a 3-week assessment and know with certainty: 

> You've achieved the organizational alignment required to drive core objectives
> You've identified strategic gaps in your plan
> You've validated the effectiveness of your plan
> Your team is motivated by the clarity of a plan
> You've worked to reveal a formula for success
> You're building a strategic foundation

Post assessment, continue working with our team in an Executive Advisory capacity so you can:

> Remove organizational roadblocks
> Develop cross-department KPIs
> Prioritize nice to have vs. mission critical
> Drive tactical execution
> Identify financial triggers to drive profitability
> Ensure compliance standards

Shouldering the responsibility of success without a model to assess the viability of your plan is risky. Fortunately, you don't have to carry that burden alone.

Start your assessment today and move forward with confidence. Click the link below to schedule a call and learn if an assessment is right for you. 



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"I could tell there was a difference in my team's presentation, as far as what was a priority and the confidence in where we were going. We’ve gotten into the cadence you guys recommended and I could tell my team had talked to your team because the thought process was much more linear. One member put a lot of thought and process into his status update …I said, “You must have talked to Cypress.” All of that, is saving me, and my team, a tremendous amount of time."

~ Dan Durski

"Carey gave me clear and direct recommendations to help drive forward corporate and team strategies. His ideas on how to systematically produce results and deliverables at all levels was just the advice I needed to begin the next steps for my team."

~ Jonathan Taylor

"I can honestly say, we'd not be where we are if we would not have started your process."

~ Stephen Armstrong

"I needed clarity around the thorny problem of turning a CEO's vision into strategic action and Carey gave me a clear path and wisdom that only someone who's actually 'been there' could offer."

~ Trevor Stafford