consulting + Staff augmentation

Use our simple 3-step process:

  • Work with you to analyze the need
  • Create a custom road map to drive results
  • Augment your team and execute your plan 


You are ready to move your business forward faster. 

To do that, you need to get the right things done. The problem is your team can't SEE where they fit into the plan.

As simple as it sounds, they're confused about where to start, who will own what and what's most important. We solve that problem and get your team on go.

We want to work with your team to implement focus and disciplined approach to executing your growth plans.


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"I could tell there was a difference in my team's presentation, as far as what was a priority and the confidence in where we were going. We’ve gotten into the cadence you guys recommended and I could tell my team had talked to your team because the thought process was much more linear. One member put a lot of thought and process into his status update …I said, “You must have talked to Cypress.” All of that, is saving me, and my team, a tremendous amount of time."

~ Dan Durski

"Carey gave me clear and direct recommendations to help drive forward corporate and team strategies. His ideas on how to systematically produce results and deliverables at all levels was just the advice I needed to begin the next steps for my team."

~ Jonathan Taylor

"I can honestly say, we'd not be where we are if we would not have started your process."

~ Stephen Armstrong


"I needed clarity around the thorny problem of turning a CEO's vision into strategic action and Carey gave me a clear path and wisdom that only someone who's actually 'been there' could offer."

~ Trevor Stafford


"As a small business owner and stereotypical disorganized artist, I found the information in Carey's book to be an invaluable asset in marketing my material! Using the principles within I was able to negotiate a $4000 contract over eighteen months which served as a massively stabilizing financial factor for my business."

~ Gregory Luce



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